Big screen, big sound: maximize Hiitmi at home or in your gymclub (Tricks and tips)

Hiitmi on a 55″ LG Smart TV (USB-C to HDMI Adapter on a Samsung Galaxy S9)

You can mirror your phone’s screen to your TV via cable or WIFI:

  1. Cable connection USB-C/Micro-USB to HDMI
    If you our phone supports HDMI-Alt-Mode ( ) for USB-C, you can use a USB-C to HDMI Adapter/cable to use your TV/Monitor/Beamer as big training screens, especially for group training.

    Alternatively some phones/tablets with Micro-USB support “Mobile High Definition Link” & “SlimPort”.

  2. Wireless connection Chromecast/Miracast or other screenshare features
    Most smart TVs already support miracast ( or similar technologies (Smart view…), system functions and apps.
    Alternatively you can use HDMI sticks like the Google Chromcast (, Amazon Fire Stick ( or any other supported screen mirror sticks.

Check the specification of your phone on the manufacturer websites before you order adapters to avoid any incompatibility!

Most of these connections also send the audio signal to the TV. If you have sound system connected to your TV, you can run your Hiitmi-sounds and trainings music on your sound system.

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