Make Hiitmi run when the screen is off on Samsung devices

Latest Samsung Android system updates have introduced strickter battery mangament settings that can cause sound delay/problems on Hiitmi when you switch your screen off. In order for Hiitmi to work in background properly or when the screen is off, the following settings are necessary on Samsung devices running Android 11. You can read more here:

01 Battery optimization (necessary)

  • Go to System Settings
  • Apps
  • Search Hiitmi and click on it
  • Klick on Battery
  • Optimized battery usage
  • Click on All and search for Hiitmi
  • Optimize battery usage
  • Make sure that Optimized apps switch is deactivated which means that Hiitmi is not battery optimized

02 Auto optimization/Optimize settings (additionally)

  • Go to System Settings
  • Battery and device care (or on some phones device care)
  • Menu (⁝)
  • Automation (or on some phones advanced)
  • Make sure that Auto optimize daily switch is deactivated (or on some phones auto optimizations and optimize settings)

03 Adaptive battery (additionally)

  • Go to System Settings
  • More Battery settings (or on some phones device care)
  • Make sure that Adaptive Battery is deactivated

If you still have issues you can read more here: or write us an email