Add Video

In the new beta (1.4.21-beta) and soon in the standard Hiitmi Version we have added the possibility to add video links to the time so that you can always check how the exercises are performed if you don’t remember them.
This function has currently only been tested with youtube videos.

1. Copy a video link from youtube

2. Open a timer or add a new timer

– Klick on “Add video” and the settings window should open

3. Add video link and configure Offset

– Klick on the paste symbol

4. Configure offset (works only with youtube videos)

To synchronize the position of the video with the timer, you can set a positive or negative offset.

– Switch on the on slider of “Synchronize”
– Set the offset (startpoint of the video when the timer starts)

5. Watch the video during your workout
– Click on the video symbol
The video should open at the same time position link your workout (+Offset)

6. Watch the video in the timer setup
– Click on the video “Watch” symbol
The video should open in the youtube app